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Anesthesia/ Critical Care/Pain Management

Department of Critical Care Services 

The Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Management Department offers interdisciplinary approach to treatment and the full range of modern anesthesiology procedures according to the needs of the patient. The specially trained staff, anesthesiologists, critical care physicians and nurses provide 24-hour coverage in the hospital’s operating rooms and intensive care units. The comprehensive pain management services of the department are provided to patients suffering from a wide variety of acute or chronic pain states of musculo-skeletal, neuropathic and cancer etiologies.

Consultation is given to patients with challenging pain management issues and admitted under various specialities including Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Orthopaedics, Neurology and Neurosurgery. Our clinical anesthesia services include:

  • Regional and general anesthetics
  • Critical care patient management
  • Postoperative pain management
  • Preoperative medical/ surgical evaluation
  • Chronic pain management
  • Emergency services
  • Clinical treatment priorities

Anaesthesiology – Depending on the needs of patients, the department offers latest and advanced anesthesia procedures including general anesthesia, anesthesia using balanced anesthesia under low-flow conditions and a combination of general and regional anesthesia to enable fast-track surgery. Regional anesthesia may also be available including plexus blocks, spinal and epidural anesthesia. Following specialization is practiced by the specialists:

  • Neuroanesthesia – The specialists provide the highest level of anesthesia care for neurosurgical procedures. The expert physicians administer anesthesia in the general neurosurgical operating rooms and in the neurointerventional radiology suites.
  • Joint replacement anesthesia – The orthopaedic surgeons work hand-in-hand with expert aneesthesiologists to ensure that the patient has the best joint replacement experience possible.
  • Obstetrical anesthesia – The department is dedicated to the highest level of care for pregnant women and their babies during labour and delivery.
  • Thoracic anesthesia – This service delivers anesthesia care to those undergoing procedures on the lungs, airways, chest and oesophagus.
  • Critical Care Medicine – The major focus of this division is on the preoperative and postoperative treatment of patients undergoing heart surgery. Patients may be admitted via the Emergency Department or brought directly to the division from the ambulance. If required, patients can come daily and receive regular physiotherapy from qualified staff.
  • Pain Management – The pain management team of pain medicine specialists provides advanced treatment options, such as spinal cord stimulation and intrathecal pump implants, in a supportive, compassionate environment. The team also shares an active collaboration with different departments of the hospital to deliver its pain relieving medications.
  • Monitoring – The latest in monitoring equipments and procedures are used to ensure maximum patient safety. The procedures include depth of anesthesia monitoring, invasive blood pressure monitoring, monitoring of central venous pressure and neuromuscular blockade monitoring which helps improving the surgical outcomes as well as reducing the time that patient have to spend on the ICU.
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