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At our dental clinic, the aim is to give our patients the best of dental treatment on par with highest standards. Our clinic located in the heart of the city residential locality and functions on the concept of providing expertise on each and every aspect of dental treatment as well as  surgery. We have time and again ensured the top most dental care to our patients.

Our dental clinic focuses on all age groups and is specialized in basics as well as the latest dental procedures. These includes root canal treatment, removal of defective teeth, gum surgery,  dental implants, gap closures  teeth whitening, smile corrections, metal free crowns/bridges , fixed teeth, braces, kids dentistry, laser dentistry, wisdom teeth extractions, laser based treatments,   dental X-rays, porcelain veneers etc.

Good treatment is a corollary of the perfect equipment. Having an in-house x-ray machine has made it possible to deliver timely services to our patients. The lack of x-Ray machine in a clinic means that the patient has to take a dentist reference to one of the teeth x-ray centers, thereby losing precious time. We have eliminated this bottleneck which in turn is time saving eventually converted to money saving.

In fact we give the best of the treatment and awareness, so that the tooth is in the right place and right condition.  Safety of the human teeth, becomes a reality best ensured by following age old cliché – “prevention is better than cure” and we help our patients to do just that.

The dentists in our clinic through an ultrasonic scaler undertake teeth scaling thereby removing the plaque, and food particles from the tooth surface as well as restoration surface. This is virtually painless and local Anesthesia is not required at all.

Gum disorders are rampant among patients of all ages and the worry factor is that it is hidden for a long time.  A particular vicious form of Gum disorder is Periodontitis which is disease of the Gum and the surrounding issues of the teeth. It is estimated that majority of the people are affected by  Periodontitis after the age of 40. At the clinic we encourage and educate the patients to go for regular checkups in order to keep the gums and teeth healthy and to detect any diseases like gum and oral cancer and cavities etc.


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