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Our ENT Department is competent to handle all Ear Nose Throat related problems. A panel of General Physicians – MBBS and MD, who are well experienced, take care of the entire ENT segment in our clinic.  They handle cases ranging from minor ailments to advanced ones. The clinic also has well equipped instruments to carry out medical consultation and examination.

The different conditions treated at the ENT department are – Ear Discharge, hearing Loss, dizziness, congenital deafness, nasal allergies and Polyps ,loss of smell , headaches and nosebleeds, voice disorders which includes professional voice problems, sinus and nose tumors, digestion and swallowing complications, snoring and sleeping disorders, tumor of food pipe, loss of appetite and overeating tendencies etc.

All the general physicians in the ENT department are well specialized to tackle the myriad patient background. Every treatment is undertaken in a customized manner intended to take head on the problem specific to that particular patient. Treatment and consultation is a two pronged process. Once the general physicians address the ailment, the desired medical consultation is given. However if the case is advanced and demands advanced treatment, then specialized ENT doctors come into the picture. We have excellent facilities for in house patient treatments, surgery and operations. The rooms are well equipped and have all levels of comforts budgeted at different rates as per the financial capacity of the patients.

Jeewan Hospital is a state-of-the-art multi specialty hospital providing a depth of expertise in the complete spectrum healthcare services with a comprehensive mix of inpatient and outpatient services.