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Jeewan Hospital Gate No 1 is now NABH Accredited

We are glad to announce that Jeewan Hospital Gate No 1 is now NABH Accredited – highest level of accreditation for quality by QCI. NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) is a constituent board of Quality Council of India

Calcium, Nutrition, and Bone Health

Calcium, Nutrition, and Bone Health

Balanced diet and good nutrition are very important for strong bones which ultimately help you to have a good health. Calcium and Vitamin D are the two key necessities that you require to protect the health of your bones for now and years to come. Whatever you eat now will decide the health & strength of your bones in later stages of life, like the diet of a pregnant woman is the main deciding factor as to what will be your eventual bone mass when you grow up. Therefore, one should be very careful while eating and it should be ensured that your diet is balanced containing all required foods & nutrients.

Calcium is the main mineral required by your bones & teeth to stay strong. Your body doesn’t make it and you have to take it from outside sources, i.e. food that you eat. In case your body doesn’t get sufficient calcium to keep it functioning then over the period of time, the calcium that is stored in your bones is removed. This greatly weakens your bones and you may fall prey to a disease known as osteoporosis. In this disease, your bones become very weak and fragile due to which they can break easily or deformities can occur. Women who have experienced menopause are more prone to this disease. However, men are at equal risk. Therefore, it is important that you intake sufficient amount of calcium in your diet to keep your bones strong. Various food items that are rich in calcium are milk, curd, cheese & other dairy products, broccoli, cabbage, green leafy vegetables, salmon, bread, pasta, cereals and some juices that contain calcium. People not getting enough calcium from their diet can go for calcium supplements but you must talk to your doctor before taking them.

Calcium can’t be absorbed directly from foods and you need vitamin D to do that. It is also very important nutrient for the good health of your bones. All those children who suffer from the deficiency of vitamin D undergo a disease known as rickets. In this, the bones of children become very weak that causes bow legs and other skeletal deformities. Even adults become victims of a disease known as osteomalacia (soft bones) in case of vitamin D deficiency that leads of severe pain in bones and deformities. Main sources of vitamin D are milk and sunlight. It is important that one should not intake more than recommended levels of calcium and vitamin D as that can prove to be harmful for you. Talk to your doctor about this concern.

Joint Replacement Infection

Joint Replacement Infection

Joint replacement surgery has become very common these days and people across the world go for this surgery. It offers an improved quality of life to patients suffering from severe joint pain that leads to immobility in them. As you must be aware that everything has its pros and cons, similarly, there is always a possibility for patients getting joint replacement surgery done to fall prey to infections in their joints. However, the chances for joint replacement infection are very less but still 1-3% of people can become victims of this.

Joint replacement infection generally occurs in the wound or in the surrounding area of the artificial joints. This infection may happen post-surgery in the hospital itself or when you go back home. At times, infection occurs years after the surgery and requires immediate attention so that situations don’t become severe. An infection in your body mainly occurs due to the attack of bacteria. In majority of the cases when bacteria attack your bloodstream, your immune system acts promptly and kills those bacteria. But when this bacteria reaches artificial implants made of plastic or metal and invades that area, it becomes difficult for your immune system to eliminate it. As a result, bacteria multiply in this region and cause infection. Your doctor will give you medications to treat the infection, but in cases when these medicines cause no good to the patient then re-surgery is done to eradicate the infection completely.

When a person suffers from joint replacement infection, he faces certain symptoms that includes:

  • Severe pain, discomfort, stiffness and swelling in the joint
  • Tiredness
  • Redness in the area surrounding the wound
  • Consistent fever
  • Night sweat

When the patient notices the above symptoms, he should immediately go to the doctor for the diagnosis of the problem. If infection is detected in the early stages then it can be treated successfully and the implants can be retained. Your doctor will perform various imaging tests like X-ray, bone scans and laboratory tests like blood tests, analyzing fluid in your joints etc to detect the root cause of the problem. Depending on the extent to which infection is spread and your health conditions, your doctor will suggest the treatment plan. If the infection is present just on the tissues surrounding the artificial joint and not deep inside the joint then your doctor will prescribe oral medicines like antibiotics. In case infection has gone beyond the tissues and has deeply affected the artificial joints, then surgery is done to get relief. Taking preventive measures can help the person in avoiding joint replacement infections.

When Is Joint Replacement recommended and what is the procedure?

A healthy body is the gateway to a peaceful mind and soul. In case you are suffering from some kind of body pain then your day is going to start on a bad note. Therefore, it is important that people take full care of their body for a stress-free and happy life. Your body joints play a major role in the mobility of various parts of your body. Any trouble caused to them directly affects your movement. To name a few knee, hip, shoulders, ankle and wrist are some of your joints in body. These joints can move smoothly due to the presence of cartilage there as it helps in painless, frictionless and smooth movement of joints. But when there is harm caused to this cartilage, one experiences pain due to the rubbing of bones against each other making daily activities like walking, bending, climbing stairs etc very tough. In such situations medical treatment is required to regain your mobility.

Your joints may wear out due to a number of reasons: age factor, obesity, genetics, injury caused due to some accident or diseases like degenerative arthritis, osteoarthritis. It may cause extreme pain, stiffness, swelling, inflammation or deformity of bones that must be treated immediately. Initially when you go to your doctor, he may recommend you to go for medications, exercises, physiotherapy or walking aids. In case, nothing seems to work then surgery is the last resort known as Total Joint Replacement surgery.

Total Joint Replacement is a very successful surgical procedure that has minimal chances of risks if you get it done from a good medical professional. In this surgery, your doctor will first make a small cut on the area to be operated under the effect of anesthesia. Then he will remove the damaged cartilage and joint replacing it with the artificial one known as prosthesis. The prosthesis is made of either metal, plastic or ceramic and takes up the functioning or a normal joint. They have shape and movement almost similar to the actual joint and therefore it becomes easy to replace them on the specific area.

Total Joint Replacement surgery is generally performed on older patients as they have less mobility. But nowadays with much advancement made in medical field, it is also performed on younger patients who may have to get these joints replaced again after few years as they work efficiently for almost 15-20 years depending on the stress caused to them. This surgery greatly helps the patient in improving his quality of life.

What are the various kinds of hip fractures?

Hip fractures are one of the serious injuries that can affect our lives and that are why we should take care of our lifestyle and way we behave as any negligence can lead to great trauma. People who are aged over 80 also suffer with hip injuries and they have to suffer a lot as bone density can decline due to age and that is why it becomes harder to get over the problem. A broken hip can really cause many problems and majorly elder women and patients suffering with osteoporosis suffer from high chances of getting their hip broken as the problem can weaken the bones and the entire skeletal system gets suffered and that is why bones and joints definitely are at a higher risk to face any accidental event.

Hip fractures are usually are having two classifications:

  • A Femoral Neck Fracture and
  • An Intertrochanteric Fracture
  • And both these class of fractures are very dangerous and mostly the patient has to undergo a surgery to get the treatment.

Femoral Neck Fracture

The area of femoral is located just below bone of the thigh or upper hind limb, locating at the hip and the knee and the fracture generally occur under 1 to 2 inches from the close part of the femur area.
Intertrochanteric Fracture

This is a kind of fracture that occur within 3 to 4 inches of the head of the femur and treated with a metal plate and screw under a surgery to keep the bone in place as long as it takes time to heal and keeping the head of the femur to remain moving routinely in the hip socket to function properly as normal

Common Causes

It is also a fact that risk of the hip injuries can rise with age and there are many medical conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis and there are many kinds of arthritis that could lead to weakening of bones and the patient can also develop many other problems such as Parkinson’s Disease and it could lead to immobility of a person that could lead to unseen accidents and the person could face a higher risk of falling due to unbalanced moves. Certain other problems such as Diabetes and arthritis can also affect a person’s ability to move. It is also a fact that reduced physical activity can damage the bones and joints and can produce lesser flexibility and lesser physical activity can also lead to obesity and it can create more pressure on the bones and that could lead to more accidents and chances of falling. There are also increasing morality rates found in the cases of hip fractures.

The Treatment

The hip fracture can be treated through major surgeries such as Intertrochanteric Fracture Surgery that can treat lower part of the femur using intertrochanteric fracture where the surgeon  assign a metal plate to the side of the femur and attach a metal screw into the femur to maintain the hip firmness. This metal screw and plate allows the bone sections to compress together and repair themselves and the patient can perform the regular activities. The application of metal screws and metal plates also include treating Femoral Neck Fracture Surgery and the usage is done to fix them in the place and to mend the broken bones.

Why Oculoplasty is Gaining Popularity These Days

Eyes are vital element of the body which allows seeing the beautiful world. Without eyes life is nothing, thus it is important of caring to keep them healthy. Oculoplastics is a treatment for eye socket, eyelids, tear ducts and face. It’s a life and some indispensable are found by birth like defects, infections, injury, tumor etc.


What changes come after the Oculoplastics surgery?

  • Oculoplastics surgeon is dedicated surgeon ophthalmologist who is able to reconstructive the eye, eyelids. Eyelid is slender crease skin that wraps and secured the human eyes while moving.
  • Cosmetic eye surgery is done by the Oculoplastics surgeon who removes the issue of extra fat, less fat for accurate moving.
  • All types of orbital diseases can be sort out by the help of Oculoplastics surgery.
  • The indispensable of eyes destroy the look of face but by the help of Oculoplastics surgeon the normal image you can get and live the normal life.

How to find the best eye surgeon:

A best result is likely with the qualified surgeon thus it is imperative to find the excellent platform. It is not tough to find the Oculoplastics surgeon because as education and technology is increasing day by day.

  • It is excellent decision to investigate about your surgeon’s feedback from the old patient. They can suggest what result got after the operations.
  • Discuss everything about the doctor whether it is health history or future’s output.
  • Check the doctor’s experience and qualification as well as the training area where he took the study. The training institution matters a lot for the paramount knowledge and skills.
  • Obtain internet and search about the best surgeons in your city. After getting the list of best doctors, take consultation without any hesitations. It is very easy to get the feedback’s through the social media of particular doctors.

Success rate of the surgery:

Success rate of the operation made by Oculoplastics surgeon is appreciable. The person should follow the doctor’s advice’s it makes easy to get recovered. There are some protections after the operation that is necessary and easy to maintain for getting the better result. The success rate of the operation totally depends on the patient and doctor too.

As the science has made improvement day by day in every field in the world, so same in related to eye it has also got the great achievement.  If you are suffering from the natural eye fault then it is easy to get recovered by the Oculoplastics surgeon.

What Preparation You Should Take before Total Knee Replacement

If your arthritis has made you almost crippled and doctor have prescribed your knees are decaying every day, there is no resort than knee replacement. Have you marked the date of surgery on the calendar? From now on, you should start to bring some changes in your lifestyle and prepare yourself for the surgery. How should you prepare for it? Have a look-

You Should Plan Early

Don’t wait when you can’t face the problem anymore because then you won’t get time for preparation and do everything very quickly. The more you wait, the more it will be complicated after surgery. Plan early to make everything go smoother.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

Never hesitate to ask your doctor and therapist questions. You have every right to know about the whole process. You can ask the following questions-

  • How long it will take to complete the surgery?
  • Are there any serious side effects?
  • What type of rehab you will be needed after the surgery?
  • Do you need blood for the surgery?

Take some family member with you and better to take notes of the answers.

Exercise IS Needed

If it suits your body, it will be better to lose few pounds before going for the surgery. It will take lesser time to recover. Consult your doctor about the exercises you can do. If your upper body is strong, you can hold crutches or walkers, after the operation.

Note down Your Medical History

Take a notebook and note down your present physical situation, any medicines you are taking, name of the doctor’s and h/her contact details, emergency contacts, health insurance information, etc. Lots of people, attached to your knee replacement surgery are going to ask these details within few days. This will help you to find out all information.

Bring Changes in Your Lifestyle

After all you are going for a surgery. You have to bring certain changes in your life. For example, if you smoke, quit it now. Smoking’s can slower the process of healing. Shedding few pounds will make you feel better after the surgery.


You are going to need some physical activities after the surgery. Learn those now and start practicing, so that you can perform those better after the surgery.

Thus, you can prepare yourself for knee replacement surgery. Do everything under the guidance of your doctor and physical therapist.

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